Shaheen Hayatghaibi TEServices IGT Inspector

TEServices IGT inspector Shaheen Hayatghaibi performs Frame 7FA TP and stage 1 nozzle verification at an alternative repair facility to ensure proper fit and function of both parts for installation and operation.

Shaheen Hayatghaibi has several years of experience, with different repair facilities including ACT-Independent Turbo Services and Advanced Turbine Solutions. He began as inspector of GE and Westinghouse combustion hardware before being promoted to inspection supervisor and later production supervisor. During Shaheen? s career in the shop environment he gained his experience with overhaul of GE 5/6B/7B/E/EA and F class components as well as Westinghouse 501B/D5/D5A and F class components through reverse engineering, repair development, supervision, flow testing, inspection (NDT as well as dimensional), qualification and sub-contracting of vendors (heat treatment, machining and coating). Shaheen is currently performing the daily vendor verification.

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