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EPRI obtained the right to use TEServices F7FA repair specs

EPRI has obtained the leasing rights and for their members to use TEServices Frame 7FA bid and repair specifications. These specifications are offered to their members together with EPRI repair guidelines to educate and inform on the specifics of the repair of Frame F7FA components, see specifications.

10 years of TEServices supporting IGT end-users

Vendor verification (making sure that the IGT end-user vendors are providing new parts and repairs per specifications and expectations) has been the base for TEServices. Initially TEServices performed vendor verification for end-users that previously used Natole Turbine Enterprises (NTE) for this service. GVEA, Golden Valley Electric Association Alaska, was TEServices? first customer, utilizing overview of … Continue reading 10 years of TEServices supporting IGT end-users

Shaheen Hayatghaibi TEServices IGT Inspector

Shaheen Hayatghaibi has several years of experience, with different repair facilities including ACT-Independent Turbo Services and Advanced Turbine Solutions. He began as inspector of GE and Westinghouse combustion hardware before being promoted to inspection supervisor and later production supervisor. During Shaheen? s career in the shop environment he gained his experience with overhaul of GE … Continue reading Shaheen Hayatghaibi TEServices IGT Inspector

TEServices is expanding their assessment capabilities

In order to continue providing our customers with the best possible service, a 6,000 square foot facility has been obtained and offices, meeting room, metallurgical and mechanical laboratory, and room for dimensional inspection and non-destructive testing facilities have been created. Therefore, our phone has been changed to +1 (281) 867-1500, see contact. The new lab … Continue reading TEServices is expanding their assessment capabilities

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