10 years of TEServices supporting IGT end-users

Vendor verification (making sure that the IGT end-user vendors are providing new parts and repairs per specifications and expectations) has been the base for TEServices.
Initially TEServices performed vendor verification for end-users that previously used Natole Turbine Enterprises (NTE) for this service.
GVEA, Golden Valley Electric Association Alaska, was TEServices? first customer, utilizing overview of GVEA, sending TEServices? to North Pole, Alaska to overview the correction of bucket rock by wire spraying of their F7B 2nd stage turbine wheel and re-blading, assessing the condition of their components and supported weld repair of a set of liners
In the first year TEServices was able to obtain a long term contract with Tennessee Valley Authority (now in second extension). Additionally, TEServices enlarged their customer base from 5 end-users in the first year to more than 60 by 2012.
Older and matured gas turbines are still supported, however, over the years TEServices has specialized in F-technology IGT?s such as GE F6FA, F7FA and F9FA, MHI and SW 501F and 701F, Siemens V84.3A and V94.3A and even aero-derivate PWPS GG8. This was done in part because of work performed for GTUsers, Europe, and EPRI, such as creating fuel nozzles and other components repair guidelines, verification of F-technology repairs, and new part manufacturing, brazing technology overview, F-technology workshops, component assessments, and extension programs. TEServices? facility in La Porte, Texas, contains a metallurgical laboratory specializing in superalloys, performing incoming evaluations, repair and coating qualifications, life assessments before and after repairs, and failure analyses. Since 2011, TEServices sacrificed more than 60 F-technology bucket/blades annually in order to perform metallurgical evaluations and mechanical testing (stress rupture, TMF and LCF) in new, As-Run and as repaired condition to extend their life for TEServices? customers (see ASME paper: GT2012-68363, Extending useful life of F-class gas turbine components).

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